Infertility Center

Piyavate Hospital

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Center of Piyavate Hospital
Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Center on 12th floor provides services to treat patients, both male and female with infertility problems, such as genetic abnormalities, recurrent miscarriage etc., in order to provide patients with a complete family as they wish.
” 生殖医学研究中心”
位于碧雅威国际医院12楼,是以为不孕不育惠者, 不孕女性, 卵巢早衰,多次流产的女性及有家族基因遗传疾病的患者 圆幸福美满家庭的愿望而成立。

IVF is a type of treatment for patients with uterine fibroids in which sperms are injected into  eggs to culture  blastocyst embryos and then transferred into the uterine cavity At present, it is commonly known that in-vitro fertilization which is an assisted reproductive technology treatment.  Therefore, the success rate is quite high.
试管婴儿技术是一种治疗不孕不育疾病的科学技术,在实验室环境下 进行体外精卵受精,受精卵在体外培养成为胚胎, 之后植入母体子宫,进行下一步的受孕妊娠。日前, 普遍认为治疗不孕不育症效果显著的技术,即为试管婴儿技术及体外囊胚培养技术(Blastocyst) 。

In vitro fertilization takes about 4-6 weeks. Once the embryos are transferred into the uterus, the doctor will make an appointment for the patient to check for pregnancy in 10-12 days, thus considered the end of the process. Having IVF treatment with advanced medical technology will help couples who experience infertility problems to have higher chance to get pregnant.
体外受精大约需要 4-6 周。一旦胚胎移植入子宫,医生会在10-12天后为患者预约检查是否怀孕,此过程即告结束。采用先进的医疗技术进行试管婴儿治疗,将帮助有不孕症问题的夫妇有更高的怀孕机会。

๏ Couples with blocked fallopian tubes
๏ Spouses with problems of quality and volume of sperm
๏ Couples experiencing infertility problems with no diagnosis
๏ Couples who have done IUI >3-6 times but were unsuccessful

๏ 输卵管阻塞的夫妇
๏ 精子质量和数量有问题的配偶
๏ 遇到不孕症问题但未得到诊断的夫妇
๏ 做过 IUI >3-6 次但未成功的夫妇

๏ Piyavate Hospital was able to increase the pregnancy success rate of its clients. In 2022, the success rate was as high as 63.96%. Female age <29 years, the success rate 85.71%, Female age 30-39 years, the success rate 65.6%, Female age 40-49 years, the success rate 48.65%.
Although the age of the female patients has big impact on the success rate in pregnancy but our medical team has special treatment approach to enable older patients to have successful pregnancies. In the past, our doctors have treated Chinese and Vietnamese patients who are over 45 years of age.

๏ 碧 雅 威 国际 医院 生 殖 医 学 中心 可 以帮 您 安 全 受 孕, 2022 年我们 受孕的 成功率高为63.96% 女性的年龄对受成功率产生重大影响, 如下 年龄<29 年, 成功率是85. 71%
年 龄 3 0 – 3 9 年, 成 功 率 是 6 5 . 6 % 年龄40- 49年,成功率是48.65%
星然女性的年龄对受孕成功率产生重,以前我们的医生治疗过 45 岁以上的中国和越南患者。