Orthopedic Center

G Floor, open everyday
7:00-19:00 Tel. 061-397-9275

Orthopedic Institute Located on the ground floor of the Piyavate Hospital Building. Provides services for diagnosis and treatment of diseases and abnormalities that occur with bones and joints. since the initial treatment as well as surgery by medical personnel from multidisciplinary fields These include orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurse anesthesiologists, nursing teams and physiotherapists. which emphasizes teamwork for taking care of patients from the beginning until the end of treatment And to ensure that the service recipients are properly taken care of according to professional standards. reduce the occurrence of complications by the institute There are various medical services such as

  • Laparoscopic surgery. (Arthroscopy) knee joints, shoulder joints, ankle joints, wrist joints
  • Endoscopic spinal surgery for cervical disc herniation by using heat waves. Nucleoplasty, a selective nerve root block
  • Surgery for spinal fractures and dislocations caused by accidents.
  • Treatment of spinal fracture and collapse with cement injection. (Percutaneous vertebroplasty)
  • Joint replacement surgery in osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis of the hip dead hip bone
  • Joint replacement surgery in osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis of the hip dead hip bone
  • Hand disability surgery Tendon transfer surgery
  • Surgery for fingers, hands, arms, tendons and nerves Including the correction of nerve disability (Brachial plexus injury) caused by an accident. by means of microsurgery (Microscopic surgery)
  • Diagnosis of osteoporosis by using a bone mass meter and bone maker testing, which is a modern technology.
  • Treatment of bone diseases in children such as congenital orthopedic deformities. and disabilities from accidents, etc.


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