Rehabilitation Center

G Floor, open everyday
7:00-19:00 Tel. 061-397-9275

Rehabilitation center Located on the 6th floor of the Piyavate Hospital Building Provide rehabilitation services for service recipients of all ages. so that the service recipients have the best quality of life according to each person’s potential With modern equipment and specialized medical teams and highly experienced multidisciplinary teams such as physical therapists Occupational therapists, speech therapists and prosthetics for the center’s medical and therapy services

  • Integrated regenerative medicine It is taking care of patients who have problems in various fields, including diseases of the joints and muscles. weakness or movement disorders from the nervous system
  • Diagnosis and treatment using physical tools such as Ultrasound combine with interferential wave, LASER, ANODYNE, Horizontal therapy, Odamed, EECP, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
  • physical therapy by trained and certified physiotherapists such as heat wave therapy, ultrasound, back traction, hot compress, massage, electrical stimulation Movement and balance training Physical lungs and airways and physiotherapy of the cardiovascular system
  • Occupational therapy by trained and certified occupational therapists such as early developmental stimulation, thinking training, cognitive training, oral muscle stimulation. Chewing and swallowing management
  • Speech therapy is the correction of speech and communication skills. Speech therapy services by highly skilled speech therapists Our services cover speaking assessments. Speaking practice for people with communication disabilities and post-stroke conditions


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